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Wonderful, tender, loving, attentive care in a welcoming, stimulating atmosphere.

A Care Home should be managed with humanity and understanding.

Personal relationships should be at the heart of any Home.

Vintage Style Tea Room

26 May 2017

The Grange hosted a Tea Room set in the openness of its beautiful garden. Relaxing in the sun of one of the most favourable days of this Spring, our residents enjoyed our first ever Tea Room along with their families and friends. The vintage style tea room, featuring chequered table clothes, vintage bone China tea sets, and retro cakes, was reminiscent of the past as well as gave our residents a stimulation, a catlyst for conversation. They were so excited to be there in the garden for the tea and chat among themselves and with their families and friends and some even asked if this was going to be a regular feature of the Grange life! The theme was so stimulating that the conversations got linked to many other memories of their childhood days. 

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