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Therapeutic Poetry brought to life by the talented Chris Meredith.

15 September 2016

Berkshire poet, Chris, decided to put his poetry to good use by creating a programme of workshops to help unlock the memories of older people in care homes and day centres in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxford, Surrey and Middlesex. Chris writes about the ups and downs of working with older people suffering from dementia, physical disabilities and emotional problems.

Five years ago the words tumbled out of Chris, thousands of them, all of them in the form of poems. In 2015 his first anthology 'Words of My Life' was published. Not content just to sell a few hundred copies, he searched for ways to make use of the emotions he expressed in the poems. Chris is a true inspiration, we had an extremely positive reaction from our Residents and we look forward to welcoming Chris back to The Grange in the very near future.

Here is a poem Chris wrote:

The Monkey and the Giraffe
© Chris Meredith 2016
(Inspired by the residents of The Grange)

A monkey and a giraffe became friends
For the monkey had hurt his leg climbing
As he clung on to the giraffes neck he could see around bends
And could see what was normally hiding
The monkeys name was Ginnie
A name given to her by others
For it was to become her destiny
To be parted, when young, from her mother
She climbed right up the giraffes neck
And she saw a monkey troop
And at the back, a tiny speck
She saw a monkey doing loop the loop
As the monkey group grew near
Her excitement grew and grew
Her long lost mum then appeared
And into her arms she flew

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