An excellent, independently-run home offering Residential and 24-hour Nursing Care.

Wonderful, tender, loving, attentive care in a welcoming, stimulating atmosphere.

A Care Home should be managed with humanity and understanding.

Personal relationships should be at the heart of any Home.

Queen's 92nd Birthday

Residents and families came together to celebrate the Queen's 92nd Birthday. Our Elegant Tea Room was open throughout the afternoon offering a range of sandwiches and fresh cakes washed down with lashings of tea and coffee.  A patriotic theme to the afternoon. A 'Caring Queen' even graced residents with her presence, she stayed for photographs and a sing along. The soft piano sounds by Peter played throughout the Tea party. Residents enjoyed singing along to the piano, residents...


Residents are making the most of this beautiful spring weather. Sitting in the sunshine with ice lollies.

Investors in People

Management and Staff team at The Grange  are pleased to have been awarded 'Investors in People' accreditation once again.     With our high standards of people management, we have created an environment where people feel valued and where talent is recognised and developed.  

Grand Opening of Middletons Pub

Friday 20th April 2018 GRAND OPENING of Middletons Pub between 2.00 pm and 3.30 pm Residents of The Grange Social Hub. We welcome you to join us for the exciting opening of the newest addition to Middletons

Grand opening of Middletons Social Hub

Grand opening of Middletons- the resident's social hub Social hub for residents- a toiletry shop, coffee/tea shop, pub and so much more!! Residents can now get the feel of shopping but in the comfort of their own home. Open Mondays and Thursdays.    


A lovely day at The Grange with the sun shining and all the flowers in bloom. All looking forward to spend more time in the garden.

Easter Party

The Easter Bunny had a busy morning visiting all our lovely residents.  This was soon followed by an Easter egg hunt where residents and staff worked together reading out clues and guessing the answers before sending the Easter bunny off hopping round the home to find the next egg!  It was a relaxing yet fun filled afternoon spent with friends and family. Our lovely Terry kept The Grange hopping on the day!  The Egg and Spoon Race proved the funniest and most entertaining. A giant...

Floral Teacups

Beautiful Easter Floral arrangements made in Teacups by residents. The floral arrangements will be on the dining tables throughout the home all week.

Knitting Area

We are fortunate to be able to designate  a quiet area at The Grange where some of our residents enjoy knitting and reading.    Our residents who have engaged in hand – focused craft activities like knitting have maintained their dexterity, mobility, as well as hand-eye coordination.

Monday Exercise

Every Monday residents join in chair exercises with Jo. Keeping physically active in later life has many benefits. It improves physical and mental health. It also enables people to stay independent for longer.

Easter Cards

Beautiful handmade Easter cards made by residents here at The Grange.

Barn Dance

The Residents thoroughly enjoyed Barn Dance style music, while snacking on chocolate handed out by our Chef in a special basket.

Mothers Day

In celebration of Mother's Day, we invited residents, friends and families to come along and indulge in Afternoon Tea. Our Elegant Tea Room was open throughout the afternoon offering a range of sandwiches, fresh scones and cakes washed down with lashings of tea and coffee.

The Grange Strikes Out

Residents from The Grange struck lucky after a game of ten-pin bowling. There were plenty of 'strikes' and 'spares' when residents visited The Big Apple bowling alley in Woking. Activities Coordinator Bryony said: "Residents had a great time and for some of the residents this was there first time they had bowled, they loved it." Bowling has excellent health benefits as it burns calories and helps with flexing and stretching, something which older people can benefit from.  


Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu, When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too. ... I passed around the corner and someone saw my grin. When he smiled I realized I'd passed it on to him. I thought about that smile, then I realized its worth. A single smile, just like mine could travel round the earth. So, if you feel a smile begin, don't leave it undetected. Let's start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected!

100th Birthday Party

Happy 100th Birthday Tom!!

Happy 90th Birthday

Happy 90th Birthday Fred!!

Musical Afternoon Tea

Residents, family and friends joined us for a musical afternoon, our dining room was full to the brim with 29 lovely ladies and gentlemen joining us for our Musical Afternoon Tea. The Great Mark played beautiful background music, one resident commented 'If you can't go to the Ritz let the Ritz come to you'. Using fine bone china, tiered cake stands with fresh baked scones and cakes, washed down with lashings of tea and coffee.   

Valentines Day

The Grange celebrated Valentine's Day with roses, balloons and petals decorated around the home. The kitchen did a lovely dessert, with a heart shaped jelly. Residents enjoyed entertainment in the afternoon.

Pancake Day

Pancake Day was enjoyed by all. As we had pancakes for pudding at lunch time.

History of The Grange

The Grange Auxiliary Hospital Ruxbury Road, St Ann's Hill, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 9EP Medical dates: 1915 - 1919 Medical character: Convalescent (military) Convalescent (military) The Grange Auxiliary Hospital opened on 30th January 1915 in a house lent by a Mrs Vivian Brettell. The house, built on the slopes of St Ann's Hill, a 20-minute walk away from Chertsey, was large and comfortable with pleasant grounds, mature shady trees with tennis and croquet lawns. At first...

Art Therapy

Residents living with a number of ailments may benefit from art therapy. This is a targeted use of painting and other activities to help keep the mind sharp and promote dexterity in a setting that is fun. Art can become a cherished hobby and each session is an opportunity to reap the rewards of this interesting form of therapy and build up social friends and promotes happiness in the home.  

Fidget Cushions

Sensory stimulation for those who are struggling with dementia can be soothing for those who are agitated. Engaging in an activity throughout the day has also been shown to help residents sleep better. Fidget Cushions were hand made by our activities team. By knowing our residents we were able to create unique cushions with objects that keeps them focused on an activity.  

Ceramic Art

Residents spent the afternoon painting ceramic frames, tea lights, photo frames and mugs. Ceramic pens make it easier for all residents to join in a fun colourful activity. 

Squires Garden Centre

Residents spent a sunny afternoon at Squires' garden centre Chertsey, it was so nice to have family members join them. Residents shopped for bird feed for the garden here at The Grange, they also found a bingo game they thought they would enjoy, all this shopping built up a thirst, they stopped for lots of hot cups of tea and a beautiful lunch (ploughmen's, cheesy jacket potatoes and sausage sandwiches. Followed by hot lemon sponge and custard and fresh cream cakes.)  

Busy Boards

Busy boards   Sensory stimulation has been shown to not only bring enjoyment and fun to people living with Alzheimer's but also to fight anxiety and depression while increasing social interaction. Sensory stimulation can also help people stay independent for longer, promote understanding and a sense of belonging as well as help people express how they are feeling.    

New Years Eve

12noon on the 31st of December residents staff and families joined hands and counted the big ben chimes down from 12 before all singing Auld Lang Syne together, it was so special to see everybody holding hands with each other rejoicing in the memories of 2017 and the optimism of what 2018 will bring. Residents in there handmade hats raised a cheer to the new year with a glass of wine, beer, sherry or fizz.  Balloon games followed with residents, staff and families becoming quite competitive,...

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Santa and his Elf visited all residents and made many appearances throughout the day. Santa handed out personalised stockings made by residents and staff filled with goodies with a box of chocolates or biscuits.  

Jumper Cake

This cake was designed by Bryony our activities Co-Ordinator and with the help of Carol (our other Activities co-Ordinator) and Arron (Chef) they created an edible fruit cake photo booth cake. This cake was the centre piece of our residents Christmas party. Residents, Families and staff all posed to have their picture taken wearing the Sweater. This brought a lot of fun and something unique for our residents and they are still all talking about it days later.

Annual Christmas Party

Residents enjoyed their Christmas Ugly Sweater Party. Families and friends joined us for our annual party, a seasonal spectacular buffet was put on by the kitchen team, families commented on how it was like being in a 5* star hotel. An interactive Christmas cake got everybody in the ugly sweater spirit, residents, families and staff all dressed for the occasion in ugly tops and sweaters. The hilarious comedy singer Alan had everybody singing, dancing and laughing along. The Christmas magic...

5th Chertsey Brownies

We had the 5th Chertsey Brownies visit us to sing Christmas Carols to the residents. They had song sheets for the residents and took requests for Christmas songs. They thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Friendship Card Appeal

We would firstly like to thank everybody who has taken the time to send our residents a Christmas card. Residents received a Christmas stocking on Thursday afternoon filled with Christmas Cards. Residents and staff were Stunned and amazed at the kind words and beautiful drawings being sent in each Christmas card. We have started to hang the cards in the communal areas of the home, so everybody can read and share in the magical atmosphere that has been created! We will continue to hand out Christmas...

Theatre Company

The Grange was visited by a theatre company on Saturday. The feedback was excellent. Residents and family enjoyed the show and the many outfits.

Garden Centre

A few residents went out to the Weybridge Garden Centre. Where they had a lovely lunch and brought poinsettias for the home. They all came back with a smile on their face.


The first week of December has been a busy one for us. What with putting up the decorations, going on trips and arranging the Christmas party. The residents have handmade Christmas cards to send to their loved ones. They all seemed to have fun dressing up to have photos taken.    

flower arranging

Every Friday residents enjoy flower arranging over a cup of tea. This is a good way to socialise for some. It easy and calming, they look forward to it on a weekly basis.

Remembrance Sunday

Residents gathered at the Grange for a 2 minute silence and to join the service of remembrance. Among our residents some still have their medals they received. This is a day for the nation to remember and honour those who have sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom. Lest we forget.


Who of us would ever forget the poem? Guy Fawkes and the failed "Gunpowder plot" in 1605. The Guy Fawkes tradition continues today 412 years later, all over the United Kingdom. Family and friends joined residents on Monday 6th November and were treated to a Fireworks and Guy Fawkes themed evening. 

Halloween Party

Residents enjoyed themed games and creating fun faces while pumpkin carving (even naming them after staff). Residents wore their wicked witches and wizards hats they had made during the week. The home was decorated throughout with spook-takular decorations, a magical and mysterious afternoon spent with friends and family sipping sherry and dancing while dressed as Skeletons, Witches and even the Grim Reaper. The Granges favourite singing Jimmy put together and performed a sensational spooky...

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts and other creative projects can help alleviate boredom and create a social environment. They also help with hand-eye coordination, cognitive abilities and concentration.    

Birthday Wishes

Celebrating 91 years with a big smile as always, Many Happy returns.   


A quiet afternoon at The Grange. Reading is a great pastime. Some research indicates that reading can delay the onset of Alzheimer's and slow the course of memory loss related to the disease. Your brain also needs stimulation.


Gardening is beneficial for older people because it is an enjoyable form of exercise and an activity that promotes relaxation and well-being. This is the only strawberry we managed to grow this year from our fruit and vegetable patch. It was soon devoured.

Annual Summer Party held at The Grange

Saturday 15 July 2017  An amazing fun-filled afternoon- residents and families all came together to spend an afternoon enjoying good food, drinks & great company, Elvis filled the garden with live music.The rain stopped just before the party started. The chef put on a fantastic banquet- Spit roast pig, burgers, sausages, lamb, and vegetable skewers. Residents have commented on how much fun they had and really enjoying meeting other residents families and friends.

Chilling out in the Grange Garden

The Grange garden is one of the best places for our residents to relax and unwind during the long days of spring and summer. Presenting an expansive lawn fringed with lush green shrubs and mature trees the Grange garden is a place our residents choose to sit and relax, relishing a tea or wine and sharing their memories or indulging in a cheerful chat. The beautiful flowering herbs, the magnolia, the roses, the fish pond, the huge mature tree that overlooks the backyard of the Home, the thatched...

Vintage Style Tea Room

The Grange hosted a Tea Room set in the openness of its beautiful garden. Relaxing in the sun of one of the most favourable days of this Spring, our residents enjoyed our first ever Tea Room along with their families and friends. The vintage style tea room, featuring chequered table clothes, vintage bone China tea sets, and retro cakes, was reminiscent of the past as well as gave our residents a stimulation, a catlyst for conversation. They were so excited to be there in the garden for...

Spanish Themed Day

  We had a fantastic Spanish themed day at our Home on 18 May.  We started the day by making tissue paper flowers for decorations as well as residents' hair and wrist bands. Residents enjoyed Spanish chicken and Vegetable Paella for lunch. In the afternoon residents came together in the dinning room for a 'Pinata smash'. All residents found this fun and enjoyable.  Staff as well joined in until finally the pinata was smashed with one almighty wack by resident M. Harribo...

Farm Trip

On 4 May we braved the weather and took an adventure to The Farm Shop & Tea Rooms in Lyne, Surrey.  Our residents spent the late morning looking round the garden center, picking out beautiful coloured plants for our new raised flower beds- Pansies, Daisies, Sedum Telephium & Forget-me-nots to name a few.  Residents then enjoyed a lovely lunch in the Tea Room; sandwiches, paninis, and jacket potatoes were served and some residents treated themselves to a beef burger.  Everybody...

Easter Party

Saturday's Easter party was enjoyed by our residents, families and staff. We enjoyed visits from the Easter Bunny and a spring Chicken. They visited all the rooms bringing chocolatey goodness to all. The Easter Bunny made many appearances throughout the main living areas bringing smiles and laughter to one and all. The afternoon started off with an Easter egg hunt in the garden for visiting families and residents. The sun came out and blessed us with a warm spell to enjoy time in the garden....

Mother's Day 2017

Mother's day was a busy day with lots of families coming to see their loved ones. We enjoyed playing Bingo and balloon games in lobby.  All day afternoon tea to all visiting families. Some families joined their Mums' for a Lamb Sunday Roast in the dining room and conservatory. Seeing smiles on all the families faces, watching them laugh and spend quality time together is what mother's Day is all about. Some families sat enjoying the sunny spring weather in our beautiful garden.