An excellent, independently-run home offering Residential and 24-hour Nursing Care.

Wonderful, tender, loving, attentive care in a welcoming, stimulating atmosphere.

A Care Home should be managed with humanity and understanding.

Personal relationships should be at the heart of any Home.

Happy 99th Birthday to our Queen at The Grange

Middletons Pub quiz!

Residents, relatives, staff and volunteers of The Grange retirement home came together to spend an afternoon socialising at the home's new Middletons Pub quiz! The dining room was full to the brim when residents and guests came together for an afternoon of trivia fun. Everyone involved had a great time working as teams, answering questions and embracing a bit of friendly competition. The winning team of residents were delighted with their prizes, a delicious box of luxury chocolates. The...

Breakfast Club

Residents enjoying our new daily breakfast club with the newspapers and riveting conversation.

Bambino Visit Residents

Residents at The Grange retirement home have today welcomed some new friends into their lives, a group of local mums and their Bambino's came to our home for a play session in the garden. Residents can not stop smiling and look forward to welcoming "Their Bambino's Back" Thank-you everybody who joined us today and we look forward to welcoming you back.

Opportunity to sing

We offer our residents the opportunity to sing numerous times a month as part of their scheduled Activity Program. Residents partake in sing-a-longs, musical entertainers and church services.

Feeding The Ducks

We had a lovely trip to Walton riverside. A group of our Residents took great pleasure in feeding the ducks and geese. We had a nice day in the summer sunshine before stopping for a picnic and hot drinks, residents all came back home with lots of stories and very happy memories.

Residents meetings at The Grange are a social affair

Residents meetings at The Grange are a social affair and a place that gives a sense of control over where our residents live and the way they are supported. Meetings can help develop skills and confidence in residents and creates long term friendships.

Who says you must get all dressed up for a party?

Who says you must get all dressed up for a party? The Grange threw a pajama party reminiscent of sleepovers of years past. We donned our favourite PJs and slippers and enjoyed a day of some not so sleepy fun. A more settled afternoon of snacks and the feel-good movie 'Mumma Mia'.  

Lighthouse Day

NATIONAL LIGHTHOUSE DAY –Observed annually all over the world on August 7, National Lighthouse Day honors the beacon of light that for hundreds of year's symbolized safety and security for ships and boats at sea. Residents really enjoyed making sunset lighthouse arts and crafts.

fiber optic lamps

Sensory stimulation is a broad concept, but it boils down to using a range of materials and activities that can help awaken senses, especially beneficial for our residents who have a memory-related condition such as dementia. We used fiber optic lamps as just one sensory stimulation.

Raspberry Flans - Make your own

A tasty and messy morning as residents made their own raspberry flans. Which will be taste tested this afternoon with a cup of tea/coffee.

Slime Dough

Residents made this amazingly soft scented cornflour and conditioner playdough and it's seriously the silkiest softest playdough ever!  The smell around the room was perfumed with coconuts and apple.  Benefits we recognised Sensory – enjoying different textures and exploring with hands. Creative – imaginative play, describing textures, manipulating materials Science – mixing, combining, and watching substances change Fine motor skills – moulding...

Bambino Play Date

An afternoon aimed at closing the generation gap. We are inviting you to bring in your toddlers / young children for a play date with our lovely residents. Hot drinks & children's drinks provided. An afternoon Snack for all. Lots of fun and interactive toys. Please let us know if you are interested in join us. Tuesday 21st August from 2.45pm    

Beach Day

Sand, Shells, Sea! - All from the comfort of The Grange's back garden.  It was a spark of imagination and effort when we brought the seaside to The Grange.  Residents spent some time having beach fun and sensory games whilst reminiscing.   A lazy after noon was spent being entertained by an accordionist while eating chips in a cone.

Soul Music

Yet another musical afternoon at The Grange. A bit of soul music with their tea and cake. "Where there is life there is music. Where there is music, there is life."    

Armchair Exercises

The taster session of two instructors for armchair exercises went well last week so we have decided they will join us every week. This time playing with balls and the parachute so that most of the residents could be involved. 

Quarterly Meeting

We had our quarterly relatives meeting with the aid of the amazing spread put on by our wonderful Chef.    This is where we can update the relatives and have a discussion. Thank you everybody who joined us.

40s Music

Residents enjoyed a musical afternoon. Lots of 40's music sang by a lovely couple, while having tea and cake.

Retro Games

The residents have been enjoying the hot, sunny weather this week. Playing retro garden games with family and friends. You don't see games like this anymore and it certainly enlightened some younger staff members.    All joined in over a cup of tea trying to best each other.

Beach Day

Sand, Shells, Sea all from the comfort of The Grange's back garden. We are to bring the seaside to The Grange.  Beach fun and games all day. Afternoon Snacks – Chips in a cone. Natalia the Accordionist at 2.45pm  

Happy Birthday NHS

Today we should all read the first paragraph of this NHS launch leaflet and reflect.

Big Top Garden Party

MORE than 120 people attended the Big Top annual summer party at The Grange Retirement Home. We held the annual celebration for residents, their families and friends in our beautiful garden in glorious sunshine. Guests were welcomed into the Big Top Party by a beautiful ring master on stilts, Shelly even catching the attention of passes by who waved. An extravagant spread of food was crafted by Chef and his amazing Team, Residents, Families and Friends enjoyed the wide...

Armchair exercises

We had a taster session of two instructors for armchair exercises. Most of the residents got involved. Both instructors are qualified in Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury and work with the elderly on a regular basis with specific experience in working with people that have suffered from strokes. One is a qualified psychotherapist.  

Al Fresco

Residents enjoyed being in the sunshine this week. Having lunch Al fresco as well as afternoon entertainment, with their tea and ice lollies.  

The Canterville Ghost

We welcomed the talented London Children's Ballet to preform, The Canterville Ghost at The Grange on Saturday. The resident's thoroughly enjoyed themselves, with all the bright costumes and storyline. Thank you all for attending.

Ascot Ladies Day

Ladies and Gentlemen at The Grange, have been enjoying the warmer weather this week. An afternoon dedicated to a day at the races where everybody enjoyed choosing and creating their own hats and fascinators and then wearing them whilst sipping on Prosecco and enjoying fresh strawberries & cream. Residents chose horses from each race and cheered them on while watching Ladies Day at Royal Ascot live on the big screen.  

Dementia Friends

A group of our staff took part in Dementia training and are now, proudly Dementia Friends. By involving a variety of staff not only means more general awareness about how dementia affects people's lives, it also fights stigma and fear.


Afternoon Tea fever swept through the Grange. With cakes, tombola, singing and dancing. 'An afternoon to remember', while raising £200 for the Alzheimer's Society. Thank you everyone who joined us.

Alzheimer's Society's Afternoon Tea and Cake Tombola

It's been a busy day baking & decorating cakes, ready for tomorrow's Alzheimer's Society's Afternoon Tea and Cake Tombola

London Children's Ballet

Come and join use for the London Children's Ballet preforming The Canterville Ghost on the 23rd June at 11am.

Growing your own

Growing your own flowers and plants has many benefits especially for residents with dementia. The very act of gardening is a pleasant activity and encourages conversations and the sharing of knowledge.  

Pet Therapy

The emotional benefits of Pet Therapy decreased loneliness – Pets provide companionship, giving isolated seniors a source for affection, conversation and activity. It provides physical contact, which helps to calm anxiety.    

Big Apple Bowling

Residents travelled via mini bus to Woking Big Apple for a game of bowls. The atmosphere was great with music playing. All residents and staff enjoyed the day. Residents couldn't wait to tell their family members what a fantastic time they had.

Hand Made Cards

 Our lovely residents have 'hand made' The Grange's invitation to this summer's garden party.   The invitations will be sent to their family and friends.   The theme this year is ' 'The Circus' and we hope our guests will join in the fun by dressing up.  We will also have games and a magician on site. Food will be from 4/4.30pm.  

Famous London Road Signs

Our residents have chosen the names of some of the famous London Roads to name the corridors at The Grange .  This is to ensure that all their family and friends and themselves can orientate and navigate the building with ease.  We were very happy to design the sign posts.

 Contemporary designs for flowers

Our residents are dining in style at table settings laid out with contemporary flower arrangements designed by some of them.   Last month they used cups and saucers for the arrangements and this month they used mason jars .      

Middletons Pub

Some of our residents came together on Friday 27th to enjoy a drink or two together in our very own 'Middletons Public House'.  An informative drinks menu has been put together offering a wide range of drinks - Larger, wine, Pimm's, Tea , Coffee and Mocktails.   Middletons is now open every Friday 2pm until 3.30pm and we hope it becomes a vibrant social hub residents family and friends. 

Queen's 92nd Birthday

Residents and families came together to celebrate the Queen's 92nd Birthday. Our Elegant Tea Room was open throughout the afternoon offering a range of sandwiches and fresh cakes washed down with lashings of tea and coffee.  A patriotic theme to the afternoon. A 'Caring Queen' even graced residents with her presence, she stayed for photographs and a sing along. The soft piano sounds by Peter played throughout the Tea party. Residents enjoyed singing along to the piano, residents...


Residents are making the most of this beautiful spring weather. Sitting in the sunshine with ice lollies.

Investors in People

Management and Staff team at The Grange  are pleased to have been awarded 'Investors in People' accreditation once again.     With our high standards of people management, we have created an environment where people feel valued and where talent is recognised and developed.  

Grand Opening of Middletons Pub

Friday 20th April 2018 GRAND OPENING of Middletons Pub between 2.00 pm and 3.30 pm Residents of The Grange Social Hub. We welcome you to join us for the exciting opening of the newest addition to Middletons

Grand opening of Middletons Social Hub

Grand opening of Middletons- the resident's social hub Social hub for residents- a toiletry shop, coffee/tea shop, pub and so much more!! Residents can now get the feel of shopping but in the comfort of their own home. Open Mondays and Thursdays.    


A lovely day at The Grange with the sun shining and all the flowers in bloom. All looking forward to spend more time in the garden.

Easter Party

The Easter Bunny had a busy morning visiting all our lovely residents.  This was soon followed by an Easter egg hunt where residents and staff worked together reading out clues and guessing the answers before sending the Easter bunny off hopping round the home to find the next egg!  It was a relaxing yet fun filled afternoon spent with friends and family. Our lovely Terry kept The Grange hopping on the day!  The Egg and Spoon Race proved the funniest and most entertaining. A giant...

Floral Teacups

Beautiful Easter Floral arrangements made in Teacups by residents. The floral arrangements will be on the dining tables throughout the home all week.

Knitting Area

We are fortunate to be able to designate  a quiet area at The Grange where some of our residents enjoy knitting and reading.    Our residents who have engaged in hand – focused craft activities like knitting have maintained their dexterity, mobility, as well as hand-eye coordination.

Monday Exercise

Every Monday residents join in chair exercises with Jo. Keeping physically active in later life has many benefits. It improves physical and mental health. It also enables people to stay independent for longer.

Easter Cards

Beautiful handmade Easter cards made by residents here at The Grange.

Barn Dance

The Residents thoroughly enjoyed Barn Dance style music, while snacking on chocolate handed out by our Chef in a special basket.

Mothers Day

In celebration of Mother's Day, we invited residents, friends and families to come along and indulge in Afternoon Tea. Our Elegant Tea Room was open throughout the afternoon offering a range of sandwiches, fresh scones and cakes washed down with lashings of tea and coffee.

The Grange Strikes Out

Residents from The Grange struck lucky after a game of ten-pin bowling. There were plenty of 'strikes' and 'spares' when residents visited The Big Apple bowling alley in Woking. Activities Coordinator Bryony said: "Residents had a great time and for some of the residents this was there first time they had bowled, they loved it." Bowling has excellent health benefits as it burns calories and helps with flexing and stretching, something which older people can benefit from.