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A Care Home should be managed with humanity and understanding.

Personal relationships should be at the heart of any Home.

Easter Bunny Visits Residents

Residents were treated to a surprise visit from the Easter bunny, who delivered chocolate eggs and big smiles.

Easter Sunday in style with a Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Residents at The Grange celebrated Easter Sunday in style with a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Our activity Team and volunteers took the opportunity to dress up as Alice in Wonderland characters. Residents and families enjoyed live music from entertainer Terry while tucking in to scones and cakes in the glorious sunshine.  The Queen of hearts set up her Royal Croquet Court for all to enjoy, the Cheshire Cat judged the family egg and spoon race, whilst the White Rabbit and Mad hatter entertained...

Childhood Treats

Residents at The Grange enjoyed a morning making some of their favourite treats from childhood –crispy cakes. Our cookery session was a chance to get together for some social time and have fun working with chocolate – a perfect combination!

Congratulations Stella

Congratulations to Stella our head of house keeping on 10 years of loyal service at The Grange. Since starting Stella has worked across all sectors of the home starting as a cleaner, general assistant, a heath care assistant, and has gone full circle. Thankyou!

17 years at The Grange

Today we celebrated the lovely Jane who has been a Day Health Care Assistant for 17years. We thanked her for many years of support and hard work.

Dog show leaves big smiles on residents' faces

It was a four-legged frenzy at The Grange on this beautiful day, the first ever Dog Show event was enjoyed by residents, relatives and staff alike. It was great to see dogs befriend one another, Residents enjoyed watching the dogs show off their tricks for a treat or two. With seven categories including best dressed and wiggliest tail the home was buzzing with activity. Residents picked the top three dogs of the day to win doggy bags of treats and toys. We are pleased to announce that in...

Residents immersed themselves in the past

Residents immersed themselves in the past when we took a trip to Milestones Museum. Exploring the Victorian cobbled streets, shops and buildings to discover how people used to live. Residents brought a ration of sweets from our 1940's sweet shop, viewed the immaculate unique collection of vintage steam and motor vehicles and had lots of fun on the penny arcade! The whole trip brought back many memories of holidays down by the coast and family memories from cameras to toys.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a form of creative expression, using a wide mix of art mediums.    It was great to see residents get lost in their work, being fully relaxed and just enjoying the movement, colours and shapes while building up self  esteem along the way.

Meeting Baby Jack

Residents and Staff were so excited to meet the beautiful baby Jack today when Nurse Nicky popped in to The Grange.

Mother's Day

Residents at The Grange gathered together to mark Mother's Day with a special Sunday lunch with their families.

Arranging Flowers

Even with this week's surprisingly windy, wet weather, signs of spring are coming up all over! From forsythia to daffodils, flowers are a sure sign of the sunny days to come and a delight for all. And, for seniors, the presence of flowers has added benefits; A beautiful arrangement is a unique accomplishment that residents can keep and be proud of. Arranging flowers with others is a relaxing, low pressure way to socialise and get to know new people.

Getting into the spirit of St Patrick's Day

Residents at The Grange got into the spirit of St Patrick's Day recently with a wide range of activities. Handmade decorations including shamrocks, pots of gold and leprechauns lined the walls and a special St Patrick's Day party was planned. Once the build-up to the day was complete, residents, staff and visitors enjoyed an afternoon of entertainment from one of their favourites Terry, who never fails to fill the dance floor. Residents wore fun St Patrick's day hats and enjoying an Irish...

 Doing something funny for Red Nose Day 2019

The alternative attire of the team wasn't due to the staff sleeping through their alarm clocks but was thanks to their decision to do something funny for Red Nose Day 2019.

Residents Bowls Tournament

We gathered up a fair few players for our bowls tournament. There were some very close calls and tactical shots, everybody had a good time and laughed a lot.  Contrary to appearances there are many health benefits to playing bowls. Lawn bowls is played for the challenge and competition, personal enjoyment, activity, the pleasure of spending time together and for social interaction. It is also a low-impact, therapeutic form of exercise.  Health professionals recommend playing bowls,...

Creative Arts Activities

Regular engagement in a creative arts activity can have positive impacts on the physical health for residents. Resident's may be experiencing some frustrations with the age-related decline in their physical abilities. Participation in a creative arts program can provide them with a great way of letting out their feelings in a positive way.

Mental Well-being and Activity Programme - Week of superstitions!

Mental Well-being and Activity Programme - Week of superstitions!

Trip to Brooklands Museum

Our latest trip has been to Brooklands Museum in Weybridge; the birthplace of British Motorsport and Aviation. We were lucky enough to have one of our residents who guided us around the displays with his wonderful historical knowledge. 

Baby Shower

This week marks the last fall week before our amazing Deputy Manager, heads off on maternity leave to have her baby boy! We couldn't let her go without a proper send off, so we surprised Nicky with a great baby shower.  Residents and staff enjoyed Baby Shower games such as who's who and baby bingo, Tea and donuts and lots of presents. everybody had a laugh and giggle.  We all wish Nicky all the best and very much look forward to meeting baby Jack. 

Stars of the Silver Screen Quiz

The dining room in The Grange was full to the brim, residents and guests came together for an afternoon of trivia fun. Everyone involved had a great time working as teams, answering movie themed questions and embracing a bit of friendly competition. The winning team of residents were delighted with their prizes. The quiz afternoons also provide a great opportunity for residents to socialise with other residents, staff and relatives of the home, helping to build a stronger community within...

Dandelion art class

Residents took part in a wonderful art class at The Grange run by activity coordinator Bryony. All residents that took part really enjoyed themselves and showed off their artistic skills, some relighting a passion for painting.  "I am so impressed, I heard residents say they wouldn't be able to paint the dandelions at the start, but wow! everybody has painting stunning pictures, it's amazing the concentration they all had." – Visitor to the Grange    


Residents and staff enjoyed singing together with the karaoke machine. Everyone had great fun blasting out war time pub tunes!

Rummage Boxes. 

People with dementia can often remember the distant past more easily than recent events. A rummage box is a means of tapping into memories from the past, it is about reminiscence.  The rummage box will be used as an activity, as a distraction, and therapeutically as a reminiscence tool. The memories have been triggered with residents as they cut out the printed vintage/ retro posters, some of the evoked memories for residents have been- the (original) product names to their signature scents...

Breakfast Club isn't just for residents.

Our Garden Squirrel Sammy is enjoying the sunny spring weather while eating his breakfast. 

Hearty High Tea for Valentine's Day!

Hearty High Tea for Valentine's Day! The dining area was decorated in a classic Valentine's style, with beautiful floral and heart-shaped decorations which were individually handmade for the occasion by Residents. As love songs were sung by the talented Rachel, residents enjoyed sharing high tea with their loved ones and it was wonderful to witness.

Resident's put on their dancing shoes

As care providers it important that we encourage and assist residents to maintain their community and social connections.  Live music events like these are a really fun and enjoyable way for residents to stay active and have fun with fellow residents and visitors.  Everybody had a great afternoon dancing along to the live accordion music played by Natalia.  "Thank-you for giving me a lovely evening" – Resident Quote 

 Life is certainly fun at The Grange

Residents had loads of fun whilst playing floor darts – those smiles say it all! Life is certainly fun at The Grange. 

Mental Well-being and Activity Programme

Mental Well-being and activity programme.   Week starts 21st January 2019 - Board Game Week. 

Encouraging the local birds

Encouraging the local birds to swoop in for a snack, residents got creative and made the most of a sunny winter day and embrace their creative sides and support the local wildlife. Using nuts, seeds and some tasty peanut butter (Salt free), the residents worked together to make several feeders, which they hung throughout the garden, hopeful that some of their feathered friends might stop by. Whilst making the feeders, the residents sipped cups of tea and nattered to one another about...

An enchanted morning full of tall tales, fiction and fantasy. 

Bambino's from the local area joined the Residents of The Grange to celebrate the magic of storytelling and held an enchanted morning full of tall tales, fiction and fantasy.  The children brought in their much loved books with their favourite characters and we enjoyed a storytelling session with classics such as 'Ten Little Fingers & Ten Little Toes' which everyone knew and remembered.   

Storytelling Week brings back memories for The Grange residents.

The home hosted a special storytelling week, where residents and staff were encouraged to help revive the lost art of storytelling. Residents enjoyed a funny story writing game that involves creating a story as a group. Each resident added the next line to the story, leading to other stories being told and a lot of fun and laughter was had. 

Keeping Fit

The Grange staff and resident's were pleased to welcome back Natalie for weekly fitness classes. Resident's feel the groove to stay fit and active.

Mental Well-being and Activity Programme

Looking forwards to this week got lots of fun things planned with the residents.  Week starting January 7th - Mental Well-being and Activity Programme

Saturday Coffee Morning Club

Resident's who attend the 'Saturday Coffee Morning Club' have the opportunity to meet new friends and join Club members for activities like games, crafts, baking or gardening, if they wish or simply enjoy of hot drink and the newspaper. The Club has been set up to encourage early risers to come together and have some fun.

Bambino Play Date

Friday 18th January - 10.30am A Morning aimed at closing the generation gap We are inviting you to bring in your toddlers or small children for a play date with our residents  Hot Drinks & Children's drink provided. A morning Snack for all. Theme of the Play Date is Story books; please bring your favourite book so residents can read to the children or children can read to the residents.  RSVP:

Brain Fitness

To ensure that the brain works as best as it can, the mind needs to be challenged every day. Thankfully, exercising the mind can be fun and easy to do thanks to quick games like Upwords, Residents enjoyed learning a new game as part of the brain fitness activity. 

Santa Claus is coming to town

Father Christmas and his Friends spent the day spreading Christmas Cheer at The Grange. He handed out personalised stockings and got everybody singing Christmas carols.

Christmas Carol's with 5th Chertsey Brownies

5th Chertsey Brownies unit visited residents at The Grange for a natter and a sing-along carol concert. Joined by the Brownies, the residents spent a festive evening getting in to the Christmas spirit singing classic Christmas carols, before chatting to one another about their plans for upcoming holiday and what they enjoy most about Christmas. The Brownies first visited the residents of The Grange last Christmas and couldn't wait to welcome them back and looked forwards to seeing how much they...

Christmas Pet Therapy

Christmas Pet therapy is just, as it says therapeutic and fantastic fun. Residents cuddled with the guinea pigs George and Bubbles, tickled the bunnies, stroke the chicken Henrietta (in her nappy), gazed at the beautiful White Doves, pampered the Shih tzu dogs in her festive elf outfit, it was amazing to see the baby hedgehog and we fell in love with the kittens all over again. 

Santa Visit

Santa came early to The Grange, to read some of the cards we have received 'To Someone Special'. This is our Christmas card appeal. Again, another amazing turn out. Thank you everyone that sent cards. Residents enjoyed meeting Santa and hearing the lovely things people wrote.

Festive Masquerade Ball

What better way to start the festive Masquerade day than with a delicious festive 3 course lunch expertly cooked by Chef Chris and his little Elves (Anna, Pit, Vasil, Marian and Helen). Served by waitresses dressed in White (Bryony, Carol, Stella and volunteer Fay) and table wine and drinks poured while Christmas harmonies playing in the back ground.   Residents, families and friends of The Grange came together at the Christmas Masquerade Ball last night. There were handmade masks,...

The Blitz Show

Residents enjoyed a blast from the past when lets-all-dance theatre company performed 'The Blitz'.

Sugar craft Skills

Our residents at The Grange took great delight in making Christmas cake's. Bryony our activity coordinator used her experience in sugar craft and the residents artistic flair to create beautifully hand sculpted snowmen, snowflakes and holly sprigs.

Celebrating the official Elf Day

Staff and resident at The Grange enjoyed kicking off the Christmas festivities this year by celebrating the official Elf Day, organised by the Alzheimer's Society. The event encouraged people to dress up as elves for the day, in order to support the charity's #ElfDay and help raise awareness of dementia. A Cake Tombola and afternoon tea was enjoyed by Friends and Families of the residents. 

Christmas Decorations

Residents begin to make the Christmas decorations ready to go up for the festive season. This year the Christmas tree in the activity room will be decorated from top to bottom in decorations made by resident's families and staff of The Grange.  

Music Therapy sessions

Music Therapy sessions have shown that music allows residents to explore issues and emotions to create a more positive environment, which is what our activities teams and Irene from 'Chiltern Music Therapy' aim to do through their weekly sessions. Residents can take part in improvised music making or songs that they already know. They are encouraged to use instruments and their voice but also listen to each other. The sessions are tailored to the individual environment and designed to allow participants...

Out and About

Being shown new sights, sounds and experiences is important for everyone, at The Grange we make the most of our fabulous local community and all it has to offer. 

Sleepless Slumber Party

If you didn't know any better, you'd be forgiven for thinking you were in a dream. Staff got into the slumber party mood by dressing in a mixture of nighties and jammies. The afternoon was spent enjoying entertainers R&R who got down with staff wearing their PJ's and slippers.  "I've never been to a pyjama party before and it was great fun." – Resident 

Zoolab visits The Grange

Residents and staff all gather around, full of excitement as we they waited for our visitor to arrive. We started off by showing a lovely giant snail from Africa! We learnt that the snail's slime was in fact a great face moisturiser. The residents and staff were not very keen on having the huge snail in their hands but certainly enjoyed seeing it up close. One by one we sore more animals such as; a cockroach, millipede, rat and of course a snake! Zoolab's where fantastic as they gave us great information...

Goodbye to a wonderful and much-loved member of staff

We have said goodbye to a wonderful and much-loved member of staff. Grace has been with The Grange for 6 and a half years  and some of those years as the Deputy Manager. Grace's colleagues and the home's residents gathered together to toast a fond farewell at a surprise leaving party full of food, Coca-Cola and presents. Grace has made a huge impact on The Grange and will be sadly missed.  From all your friends at The Grange, a huge thank you for everything you have given to...

Residents at The Grange rolled up their sleeves to craft beautiful homemade clay poppies.

Remembrance Day is a time when we have the collective opportunity to remember the men, women and animals who gave so much, selflessly and who in their 100's of thousands, made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives, including those serving today, we are all thankful for the freedoms they fought for in the past and continue to protect today.  Residents at The Grange rolled up their sleeves to craft beautiful homemade clay poppies. The stunning poppies have been professional framed and...