An excellent, independently-run home offering Residential and 24-hour Nursing Care.

Wonderful, tender, loving, attentive care in a welcoming, stimulating atmosphere.

A Care Home should be managed with humanity and understanding.

Personal relationships should be at the heart of any Home.

Word search & Puzzle

Word search surprisingly benefits our residents because as we age, it becomes harder to solve problems and think on the spot. Playing games such as word search, word puzzle, crosswords, can help improve their thinking, boost self-esteem, and stimulate new learning. #wordsearch #carehomeactivities

Group exercise at The Grange

The best way to motivate our residents is to inspire our residents by having staff at their side to cheer them that they can do participate in the exercise that benefits their health and well-being, the team spirit and energy of group exercise can produce an exciting and fun environment. #groupexercise #CareHomeActivities

 Lawn dart games

A breath of fresh air that can be left outside, and spent time with someone and something to make everything more exciting is to be with one another especially on a very bright sunny day. Our residents did have a lovely morning out in the garden and played the lawn dart games which they score points by landing darts inside the target rings benefits our residents to socialize more and enhances their coordination skills and an excellent way to exercise. #lawndart #CareHomeActivities

Gentlemen under the Sunshine

Regardless of the social opportunities, there is undeniably uplifting about clear blue sky and warm sun on our back and there is no denying that sunshine makes us feel happy and so to our residents in The Grange, so as when we had the opportunity our Gentleman spend happy hours in the garden enjoying the warmth of the bright sunny day, refreshing with the drinks served and playing cards competing to each other and engaging to the activities which make the ambience more wonderful and fun. #sunshine...

Happy Birthday, Dorothy!

Happy Birthday, Dorothy! It isn't every day somebody turns a century old, we are so glad that we in The Grange are one of the few to join the celebration of life as Dorothy turns 101 years of age. Today we are happy and truly blessed to be a part of our incredible residents who live 101 years and have 10 decades of lovely memories. We feel privileged to spend another year around to our wonderful and extraordinary Dorothy. #happybirthday

Colouring Activity

Colouring activity for adults have a lot of benefits. The colouring activity to our residents has a therapeutic effect, relieves stress and anxiety, it exercises and trains the brain to focus and activates the brain responsible for creativity and logic and makes the residents calmer and relax. #colouringtherapy #CareHomeActivities

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from 10-16 May 2021 and the theme is "Nature" During the pandemic lots of people turned to nature, going for walks outside was a coping strategy and it is a well known fact that green spaces are vital for mental health. Nature helps our psychological and emotional health and connecting with nature helps, so connect with nature to improve your wellbeing and you will see natures role can bring solace and joy into your life. #connectwithnature #mentalhealthbeingweek

1 - 1 Interaction

Residents are always grateful for our outdoor activities such as playing football in the garden, River walks and fishing when the weather was nice and warm. All these activities were supported by their 1-1 care staff to take care of their safety. Our residents joy in the activities was priceless as they said it was exciting and the best day they ever had. #onetoone #CareHomeActivities

Abba Mini Concert at The Grange

Wish was granted to have a birthday celebration for the two beautiful residents wearing an outfit of the famous singer ABBA. The ladies performed the playlist of ABBA songs to entertain the residents that made them all enjoy the fun, listen, and dance to get along and interact well, while others are having a sip of their drinks and enjoying the taste of the cakes served. #abbaconcert #happybirthday #CareHomeActivities

Flower Arrangement at The Grange

Flower stimulates the senses of smell, sight and touch and in doing so we can also trigger memories, encourage reminiscing and reduce feelings of anxiety. For this reason, flower arrangement in The Grange is often beneficial for our residents and they love it. #flowerarrangement #CareHomeActivities

Happy Birthday, Pauline!

Pauline had her wish granted and made her day surprisingly beautiful as activity coordinators and staff prepared orchestral musical entertainment for her, which Pauline loved it! Before her birthday she told the staff that if she gets a chance, she will listen to the Royal philharmonic orchestra as she loves music. Our staff surprised her by making her wish come true on her special day. At the end of the celebration, she received the beautifully decorated cake from our amazing chef. #happybirthday

Ladies Club Day!

Ladies Club Day! On this day the ladies are pampered in the hairdressers' room or their rooms with a haircut. Residents love when their hands and feet are cared for; they said they felt very special during Ladies Day. #pampertime #CareHomeActivities

The knitting class continues.

  We all know that exercise is good for us but not just about what you do in a gym or at home, it is also equally important to find activities that give the mind a workout as well. Knitting is one of the residents' favourites, a hobby shared by people of all ages, especially The Grange residents as it keeps their brain sharp, improves eye coordination and also improves and maintains dexterity. #knittinglove #CareHomeActivities

Residents sing-along

Music is a universal language that helps to communicate unexplainable emotions, it's a form of communication that transcends time, touching the hearts of each and everyone, staff encourage residents to share their favourite song with other residents and sing along together which residents enjoyed. #singalong #CareHomeActivities

Shopping Bingo Games

Shopping bingo games is one of the residents afternoons past time for supermarket fun that they enjoyed a lot, it helps residents to develop their hand-eye coordination and social skills too. #Bingo #CareHomeActivities


Staff are encouraging residents to exercise their motor skills and hand-eye coordination through playing darts made from brightly coloured wipeable fabric and strong Velcro. This activity helps residents of all abilities to stay competitive with other residents which makes them laugh and eager to play. #darts #CareHomeActivities

Sign Language Class

The class was filled up with excitement as our volunteer Chloe taught our residents sign language. The benefits of learning sign language give our brain a good workout which challenges your mind to recognize and negotiate meaning, making conversations easy, especially with people who have dementia and for those working in the care sector. #signlanguage #carehome

Gentlemen's Club Day

On the Gentlemen's Club Day we gathered all the gentlemen and served them non-alcoholic drinks like ginger beer and lemonade. While they were enjoying table games playing cards, dominos and puzzles they gave appreciation to the staff. For some gentlemen, staff conducted visits in their room to have 1-1 interaction for their day to be uplifted, read their chosen books and just to have chat with them according to their topic. #gentlemansclub

Zumba Dance at The Grange

Zumba dance exercise is one of the residents favourite exercise as they engage with staff, mostly trying the simple routines and having fun. Zumba keeps residents excited to exercise and many look forward to the next class because the music and different dance styles bring different experiences. #zumbadance #CareHomeActivities

St. Patrick's Day 2021

Our resident and staff celebrate St. Patrick's Day, wearing a leprechaun hat and shirt, designed with a golden pot of gold and lucky charm, shamrock. A musical instrument like hand drums, tambourine, and hand bells was been used to make our Irish music more fun and lively. The day was filled with green, yellow and white colours. Residents clap and stomp into the rhythm of Irish sounds prepared by the activities team. #stpatricksday2021

Happy Birthday, Peter!

Happy Birthday, Peter! The staff made a surprise for Peter's birthday as he was reunited with his wife to celebrate his birthday. They were very happy to see each other.  #happybirthday

Knitting Club

This month we re-opened our Knitting Club. All our residents were excited to knit as they reminisced their memories back while they enjoyed chatting together. Knitting is proven for its therapeutic effect on residents. It also improves their hand coordination, and it reduces expression and anxiety. #knittinglove #carehomeactivities #carehomesuk

International Women's Day 2021

The international women's day was celebrated by The Grange residents and staff with 3 beautiful residents celebrating their birthday. The staff gave them a surprise to reminisce their favourite songs and enjoyed singing with other residents to their heart's content. The memory of the songs gave them a very nice flashback of their youth. Surprise treats included a tasty cake prepared by our chef and a cup of tea. #IWD2021 #birthday

Afternoon Bingo

The residents play bingo and word games regularly. Bingo stimulates their mind and boosts their cognitive function, and it improves memory greatly. Staff always assist our residents in maintaining their social engagement and developing better hand and eye coordination. Our residents are quite competitive and cannot wait for the next round. #Bingo #CareHomeActivities

St. David's Day 2021

We started our activities in The Grange for this month by celebrating St. David's Day. It is the colourful day of the year in Wales and all our Welsh residents were greeted by the staff singing the "Land of my Father's", which is the Welsh national anthem. One of our residents said it was a good start in the morning as we brought her back home. The Center table had been decorated with yellow Daffodils to symbolise the Welsh national flower since the 19th century. Residents and staff joined...

Valentine's Day 2021

This year's Valentine's day was more special than any past Valentines celebrations at The Grange. We designed a photo wall for our residents with pictures of their loved one during their prime days. It brought back so many wonderful memories and joy. Residents were later treated to a wonderful lunch and music. 

Karaoke afternoon

Karaoke divides humanity into two groups: those who don't want to sing and shouldn't be compelled, and those who do and shouldn't be allowed."- Dennis Vickers-Passing through Paradise.  Here at The Grange we actually have a third group to add "those with hidden talent and not yet discovered". Today was a spectacular occasion as the residents joined in a mellow karaoke afternoon sipping on amazing refreshments in our dining lounge.