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A Care Home should be managed with humanity and understanding.

Personal relationships should be at the heart of any Home.

Grange Poem

8 October 2018

Residents of The Grange formed a creative writing group and collaborated to write a poem. The carefully crafted piece describes their feelings, emotions and memories.

"Here at The Grange, we like to support residents to continue enjoying their passions and hobbies. Poetry Week gave us a great opportunity to encourage residents to enjoy the benefits of writing – poetry is a great way to express emotions and memories, and the residents really enjoyed teaming up to create this poem together." – Activities Team



A place of
Love and Laughter

The décor is Bright, Cheery and Airy

Makes Home Feel Less weary.

I look around and see all that's being done,

And think to myself this is going to be a lot of fun.


There are lots of things going on,

From exercises to music so I can jig Along.

And on the days, I don't feel like doing that,

I will find my friends for a cuppa and a chat.


I'm always happy to ask,

As nothing is too much of a task.

Nobody is ever too busy,

We like to keep the nurses dizzy.

And if we fancy a relaxing time,

We can always stop at Middletons for a glass of wine.


Staff are always patient and kind,

They fill my heart with joy.


So, I live in a place where my laundry is done,

Hung back in my room for when I go out with my son.


My bed will be made, and I have all that I need,

If I can't do for myself staff happily follow my lead.


Chef helps us grow and plant our veg,

In our new high raised beds.
Now let's talk about the food, it is always great,

And the chef is always happy to refill my empty plate.


Here at The Grange I feel most at ease,

Staff are always so happy to please.

Although you might see me without a smile,

Please know that it will only be for a while.


A place of love and laughter,
This is our happy ever after.

Even when I moan and groan,

I am proud to call The Grange my Home.

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