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Wonderful, tender, loving, attentive care in a welcoming, stimulating atmosphere.

A Care Home should be managed with humanity and understanding.

Personal relationships should be at the heart of any Home.

Happy Birthday Jean!

Jean was surprised by her daughter's visit on her birthday. She spent time together in the conservatory with her daughter. The staff greeted her and presented the birthday cake while singing a birthday song around her. #happybirthday

Residents Christmas Party 2021

Residents Christmas party has been held with amazing entertainment from the singer Stephen Morris who sang Christmas carol to our residents that made them sing and dance along. Some residents enjoyed it more quietly watching and observing the entire activity whilst having mince pie for a treat with their chosen drinks. #christmasparty

Christmas Jumper Day 2021

Christmas Jumper day was celebrated for Hilary's 80th Birthday celebration. Staff wore their colourful and sparkling Christmas jumper and sang Christmas carols along with residents who had lots of fun singing and dancing. Residents who engaged in the activities mentioned that the session had given them a warm feeling! Definitely wanted more of the beautiful feeling! A scrumptious lunch was served later by our chef and his team. #ChristmasJumperDay

Santa's Visit 2021

Santa came to visit our residents and bring them a smile to their faces early in the morning with Christmas songs while presenting their gifts. Thank you to all our staff who helped bring joy to our residents on this wonderful day. #santasvisit #christmas2022

Christmas Decorations 2021

Residents loved making their own Christmas decorations like Christmas wreaths and stockings. The in house creativity was marvellous! They were all very proud as they made well-finished decorations in the activity. Some residents got busy decorating the Christmas tree. The enthusiastic Staff helped to make the tree more bright with the Christmas lights. Bring on the festivities! #christmasdecor

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022

A very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at The Grange. #MerryChristmas

Pirates Theme Tea Trolley

The tea trolley was been decorated with Pirates theme decorations as well as activity staff dressed up to look like a pirate and brought a smile to residents while serving a cup of tea and a piece of cake. Some of the residents said it was a brilliant idea that the staff brought them to the sea. #piratetheme #teatrolley #CareHomeActivities

Let's talk about animals!

We supported our residents with an activity relating to animals, Staff showed pictures of the different kinds of animals to our residents to identify their kind and where they belong. This made our residents smile and had fun as they said they remember their childhood and their pet that encourage them to share the story of their fur family pet. #CareHomeActivities

Happy Birthday Maurice!

Maurice celebrated his 95th birthday with the staff and all the residents. Maurice was very thankful to the staff as they brought happiness to him early from the start of the day in his room that truly surprise him. He said the cake, the balloons and the cards everything was beautiful, and this day will be always remembered. #happybirthday

Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a great meditation tool and stress reliever for our residents. It is good for the brain that improves cognition and brain function. Putting pieces of the puzzle together is good fun along with other residents as they look for pieces to be all connected and complete the whole picture in teamwork. #CareHomeActivities

Happy Birthday Charles!

We gave honour to our RAF wing commander Charles on his 89th birthday, as he requested activity staff to arrange his birthday celebration with staff to dressed up like air force crew officers. The staff made his wish come true and made his special day more special. #happybirthday

Sister Act

The famous box office musical comedy film in 1992 was being performed by staff to entertain our residents. It truly did give residents a good entertainment as when all the famous songs like "I will follow him', 'Oh happy days' and some more had been sing along by everyone that lifts up all the spirit of each other. #entertainment #carehomeactivities

Out In The Garden

It's a warm-weather day to all and it's time to enjoy the fresh air in the garden while interacting with other residents and staff supporting them for some sensory games. Other residents were happy listening to the therapeutic music that was played specially for them to make them feel relaxed and calm. #sensorygames #carehomeactivities

Linda Special Day!

The activity team prepared Lynda's birthday theme with the king of pop Michael Jackson and the king of rock n roll Elvis Presley as it was her wish. Lynda, along with other residents and staff had a lovely day as they were entertained by the king's famous song and the unforgotten moonwalk steps while encouraging residents to engage in the activity. It's indeed a great day for all with a treat of cakes, fresh fruit and drinks in the end. #happybirthday

Fruit Theme Trolley

Theme tea trolley made with a different variety of fruits, with amazing and a very natural decoration described by our residents that made them laugh. Residents gave applause to the activity team for bringing them into a scenery of a colourful farm. Our Chef & kitchen staff prepared refreshing fruit treat that they love and enjoy. Happy days! #carehomeactivities

Friendship day

Telling stories to our friends with whom we had fun and had good times during childhood was a great time to reminisce and being able to share it with everyone is truly a precious memory to remember. As our residents have been enjoying their time in the garden for friendship day, with lovely weather to enjoy. All the residents are happily chatting to each other and listening to the relaxing sound of music, it truly did make their day happy. The activity finishes their farewell words to our activity...

Olympic Theme Tea Trolley

Japan is the host for this years Olympic Games and we follow the best athletes in the world and find out who won the most gold, silver and bronze medals. This was the reason our activity team got inspired to surprise The Grange Chertsey residents with the Olympic Theme tea trolley wearing a sports outfit while serving the afternoon tea with a piece of cake. To bring them in the Olympic mood, each of our resident's national anthems has been played before entering their bedrooms. ''You...

Happy Birthday Margaret!

Everyone enjoyed celebrating this lovely resident birthday. Chef baked them the cake of their choice, plenty for staff and families to share. #Happybirthday


Drawing activities benefited our dementia residents to improve memory, to learn how to draw that may help to jog memories from their past and bring the sense of joy and happiness which will help them reminisce. Moreover, it can stimulate not only their mind but their locomotion as well. #CareHomeActivities

DIY Flower Centerpieces

We created our own flower table centrepieces in The Grange that make our dining table look very lovely and mesmerizing. With the help of our activity team, our residents created stunning flower arrangements through DIY using foam flowers that will last longer. #carehomeactivites

Anti - stress DIY ball

The anti-stress ball is useful in lowering blood pressure, enhancing emotional stability and increasing positive energy. Our staff helped our residents to make their own anti-stress ball using colourful water beads and balloons. It improves their concentration and creativity that reduce anxiety and stress for our residents. #CareHomeActivities

Anne 98th Birthday

Anne wishes to have a Red birthday celebration for her 98th Birthday and that dream was fulfilled by our activity team. They surprised Anne with a red theme party, fully decorated with red balloons in the lounge, stunning rose cake and red costumes for everyone. Anne said, 'it was her best birthday and she can't express how grateful and happy she was'. #happybirthday

Happy 90th Birthday Edna!

Edna celebrated her 90th birthday in The Grange that brightens her day and gave a very big smile on her face. The staff sang the happy birthday song in the morning when they enter her bedroom with balloons, banners and delicious looking cake made by our lovely chef. She also received birthday cards wishing her to have a fantastic day from family and staff. Edna said, 'this will be a memorable day for her'. #happybirthday

Happy 103rd Birthday, Lily!

Happy 103rd Birthday, Lily! An Amazing lady to celebrate a spectacular milestone and achievement in The Grange Chertsey. Residents and staff congratulate Lily for her 103rd birthday together with Maurice and Susan as they shared the same birthday. It was lovely to have a triple celebration. With the success of the party, Staff entertained celebrants with very soothing and relaxing music from the past while they are enjoying their drinks. #happybirthday

Countryside Musical Entertainment

Listening to the countryside music benefits our residents to enhance their creativity. It stimulates and improves brain activity and also helps to enhance learning skills. Our staff did bring our residents to the countryside by singing all great songs to feel joy and happiness. Happy Days! #countrymusic #CareHomeActivities

Balloon Games

Tossing and passing balloons is another way of exercise for our lovely residents. It is to encourage residents on the importance of physical exercise which specializes in putting fun and fitness into their lives. #CareHomeActivities

Pass the Pig!

Pass the pig is a game that our residents love. It is the commercial version of the dice game. It is played by our residents by rolling the pig. If you get out, then you pass the pig onto the next player. The residents learn to think of new strategies to win and therefore they enjoy their time with laughter and cheering each other in support. #passthepig #CareHomeActivities

 Paint Your friend!

Painting supports emotional well-being, develops creativity, enhances problem-solving and motor skills. Painting allows a person's mind to relax and let go of all the problems that contribute to a high stress level. Staff helped residents to remember their best pal and encourage them to paint. Some of them share the story of their best mate and tried to colour how they dressed back in the days. Everyone laughed and shared beautiful memories they had with their mates. Such a fun day for our residents. #painting...

Musical Instruments

At The Grange, some of our residents are very good at playing different musical instruments, they say it gives them a sense of achievement. Staff encourages residents to keep practising their favourite instruments which improve patience, reminisce memory and build confidence to share their hidden talents with everyone. #musicalinstruments #CareHomeActivities

Lunch Time!

Our residents love to spend time in the garden when blessed with a bright sunny day. Residents love to relax and chill to the breath of fresh air while enjoying the sip of their drinks to keep themselves hydrated. On top of this, our lovely chefs prepare a delicious lunch for all our residents and staff. Happy days! #lunchtime #CareHomeActivities

One to One Support

Some of our residents love to go for a walk or go shopping, supported by our care staff to ensure safety. One of our residents said ''It's always my great day having my leisure time walking and shopping'' and was very thankful that she is at The Grange. #onetoonesupport #CareHomeActivities

Garden Day Out!

Our residents had a very nice day out in the garden, supported by our very passionate caring staff. Residents played a variety of games like dominoes, playing cards, quiz competitions and sang a song. They even dance to the tune of reggae music. #CareHomeActivities

Hairdresser's Magic

Hair is the crowning glory of one individual beauty, it's a way to accessorise any outfit and an expression of ones personality. Hair symbolizes feminity, health, and personality. Our residents were so excited and glad to have a haircut when our lovely hairdresser returned at The Grange after such a long time because of the pandemic. One of our residents said, haircut boosts her confidence and she feels younger. #hairdressermagic #CareHomeActivities

Snakes and Ladders game

The objective of the Snakes and Ladders game is to navigate one's game piece according to the dice rolls from the start to finish by climbing ladders but hindered by falling snakes. The game is a simple race-based on sheer luck and played by our residents in our lovely garden as when the sun shines blessed our day. Activity staff divided residents who participated into 3 groups the red, yellow and blue teams. Each member of a team got a chance to roll the dice for their group to win, which kept...

Hot Seat

The Hot Seat is a game played by our lovely residents together with our activity team. The staff writes the name of the country on the whiteboard. Then the participant guesses the word with the help of another resident who has the clue and makes gestures to guess the given word. Our residents had a lot of fun during this activity as they improve communication with each other. Happy days! #hotseat #CareHomeActivities

Ladies Club Day at The Grange

Ladies club day is the day where all our lovely ladies are looking forward to getting pampered by the activity team. Some of the services given to our ladies are hand massage, nail care and nail paints. Residents love when their hands and feet are cared for; they said they felt very special during Ladies Day. #ladiesclub #CareHomeActivities

Supporting UEFA EURO 2020

Football is a huge event for all, especially for our residents who are big fans of football in their chosen country. Our residents love to support the matches with our staff and to watch the games virtually. Residents are super excited for today's semi-final match between England and Denmark. #UEFAEURO2020 #carehomesuk

Exercise at The Grange

Participating in suitable activities like exercising the upper body and hand & foot movements helps a person with dementia to achieve purpose and happiness. Exercise can give our residents, many health benefits including improved mood, better sleep, improved behaviour; such as reduced rate of wandering, swearing, and acting aggressively. Most of our residents love to do our exercises with the support of our staff. Our staff ensures that they are following slowly executed steps, exercise routines...

Happy Birthday, Derek!

Happy Birthday, Derek! Derek celebrated his 80th birthday with staff and other residents with classical music. Everyone sang Derek's favourite song "Diana & oh carol'' which is one of his top choices. The kitchen prepared a beautiful birthday cake for Derek which he loved it! #happybirthday

1 to 1 support

Our lovely residents have been always supported by our team in all kinds of activities they like to do. Sometimes residents love playing ball games like table tennis and football or just walking in the garden and at the park. Sometimes they love to relax with a cup of tea and solving Word search and puzzles, which benefits them to be more active and sociable. #onetoonesupport #CareHomeActivities

Gentlemen's club day at The Grange

Our aim for our Gentlemen's club day is to meet, greet and socialise, especially when blessed with wonderful sunshine in the garden where they can chat and interact with others while enjoying playing cards and dominoes. Along with the activity, our staff also ensures all the residents apply sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids for hydration. #gentlemansclub #CareHomeActivities

Our knitting club continues!

Our knitting club continues, as staff supports our ladies to be more engaged in our activity. We knit in the lobby, in the garden, and in the conservatory to keep our resident's hands active while enjoying the company of each other. Knitting helps residents to recall their memories of how they started learning knitting and who taught them. #knitting #CareHomeActivities

Happy Birthday, Gregg!

Krikor who likes to be called Gregg celebrated his birthday with his youngest son Robin. They spent time together during his visit and celebrated his day with a toast of drinks to express love and blessings. Gregg joined the gentleman's club in the garden where activities prepared a quiz for everyone. Post lunch on Gregg's request, activities arranged a karaoke for everyone to sing along with their favourite music tracks. The kitchen prepared a beautiful cake for Gregg which he loved, and said...

Bingo at The Grange

Bingo can be a very healthy activity for our lovely residents. Our residents truly enjoy playing cards as it increases social engagement and interaction as well as promotes socialization - which is essential to maintain a happy and healthy living with the support of our care team. It also allows them for reflection and memory recall. #Bingo #CareHomeActivities

Gardening at The Grange

A Garden can help residents at The Grange with dementia through socialising and connecting with others. It also helps the residents to share their own experiences of the plant, flowers and vegetables they grew back in the days. In surroundings with plenty of plants that our residents take part in, the physical activity of touching the soil and plants stimulate their senses and memories, all of which greatly improves their wellbeing and of course help to keep their mind in a positive state. #gardening...

Happy Birthday Anne!

Residents and staff celebrated Anne 57 birthday with the Rock theme party. The chef and the activity team customised cake, cards, and decoration for Anne. Residents were entertained by Jon Bon Jovi and Guns n Roses band songs that everyone had fun with. Anne was grateful to The Grange team for organising her very special day. #happybirthday

Trivia Thursday

The brain challenge between our gentlemen and ladies benefits their mental health keeps them smart and engaged in group activities. Trivia is a workout to strengthens the part of their brain and keep the mind sharp. By answering questions and learning, residents are improving their cognitive skills while they love competing with each other. #TriviaThursday ##CareHomeActivities

Flower Arrangement

Flowers improve residents outlook, the presence of the flowers gave them positive effects on mood and behaviour. Flowers in the home decreases depression and improves greater happiness, endurance, and cheerfulness. For this reason, the flower arrangement in The Grange is often beneficial for our residents and they love it. #flowerarrangement #CareHomeActivities

Kitty's 89th Birthday Celebration

Kitty's 89th Birthday celebration has been celebrated with a Garden theme that made the surroundings very colourful. Staff and residents had spent time creating beautiful decorations like birds, butterfly and greeting cards. Kitty had been entertained with a list of music that been requested for her special day like "run rabbit run", "she wears red feathers", "English country garden" and some 40's & 50's music. Kitty received her birthday cards with lovely messages and a beautifully...

Jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle features images to stimulate reminiscence. It also can help reduce blood pressure and lower the person's breathing rate too. Puzzles are therapeutic, it exercises your memory and improves functions, especially short term memory. #jigsawpuzzle #carehomeactivities