An excellent, independently-run home offering Residential and 24-hour Nursing Care.

Wonderful, tender, loving, attentive care in a welcoming, stimulating atmosphere.

A Care Home should be managed with humanity and understanding.

Personal relationships should be at the heart of any Home.

This year's Valentine day was more special than any past Valentines celebrations at The Grange. We designed a photo wall for our residents with pictures of their loved one during their prime days. It brought back so many wonderful memories and joy. Residents were later treated to a wonderful lunch and music. 

Karaoke afternoon

Karaoke divides humanity into two groups: those who don't want to sing and shouldn't be compelled, and those who do and shouldn't be allowed."- Dennis Vickers-Passing through Paradise.  Here at The Grange we actually have a third group to add "those with hidden talent and not yet discovered". Today was a spectacular occasion as the residents joined in a mellow karaoke afternoon sipping on amazing refreshments in our dining lounge. 

Merry Christmas 2020

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

Age Concern Epsom & Ewell - Christmas 2020

Please help us support the Age Concern Epsom & Ewell - Christmas 2020 fundraising campaign. Click the link below ...

The Grange Cares Campaign

 During this pandemic, our care home has remained covid19 free and none of the residents in the home has tested positive since the pandemic started.   We, however, recognise many people in our community have been impacted by the pandemic. We have started programs to help rebuild and support the local community. On Friday 11 December 2020 we started giving out meals prepared from our care home for free to anyone who needs them especially the vulnerable in the community. We aim...

Diwali celebration at The Grange

DIWALI in the grange celebrated a Hindu festival with lights, held in the period October to November. It's associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, and marks the beginning of the financial year in India. Diwali is the five-day Festival of Lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. Diwali, which for some also coincides with harvest and new year celebrations, is a festival of new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness.

Forever in our hearts their memory will light in us.

Today was a special day as we commemorated remembrance day. It was a touching moment as the residents took turns to light candles with support from staff to remember families and friends who died in the war. A number of crosses painted by residents were also laid in our memory garden. Residents listened attentively as various poems were read, like  Flanders Fields by John McCrae which reads                             ...

We Celebrated Anne's special day with a Bakery store themed Birthday party. Anne used to run the best bakery shop ever. Staff thought it would be a great idea to spoil and surprise her on her special day as she reminisced the memories. All the other residents joined in the fun and eating lots of cake of course. Happy Birthday, Anne we love you dearly.

* The spitfire lands at The Grange

Today we celebrated our own decorated Wing Commander Charles. Staff held a pilot themed birthday party.  Charles flew a number of planes during his time with the RAF before retiring to The Grange retirement home. He shared his secret to long life in a few words " Fly high and live like a dream"   Happy birthday Charles, we love you.

Thursdays are days to relax, enjoy and indulge for all our lovely ladies at The Grange. Today was a special day as our vibrant activities team  ( Jane and Emerie or  "Jaem" as they like to call themselves, pampered the residents with feet and hands massages, hair styling and more. Lovely work ladies. Thank you for keeping all the residents happy and looking amazing. 

Celebration time !!!!

Happy Birthday Maurice- Today we celebrated this special gentleman in our Midst. We celebrated his birthday with lots of music, dancing, and quizzes. All the other residents and staff joined in to celebrate Maurice on this special occasion. 

The world is a canvas, paint your own reality

Our residents enjoyed the tactile feel of the painting activity, colouring. and puzzles. Painting can provide both easy relaxation and can help with anxiety. These pastimes can be helpful in allowing the mind to drift away from everyday worries and provide a sense of wellbeing and achievement.

Cheers to a lovely Monday from the gentleman's club!

This afternoon we held our Gentlemen's Club in our garden, our men get together to play games and share a laugh, our gentlemen have a few tipples and afternoon games. This is thoroughly enjoyed by all. Alongside Gentlemen's Club, we hold a ladies afternoon tea in our conservatory. For our afternoon tea, our chefs prepared us some lovely scones and cakes. The afternoon tea was filled with lots of laughter, singing and reminiscence.

Pampering day at The Grange

After a day of beauty treatments, all our residents felt relaxed, confident and beautiful... a job well done! The treatments were enjoyed by all, especially Edith who loved her detailed nail art. We finished the day with a tea party where residents shared memories about previous beauty treatments they had had, all the while laughing and joking with each other whilst treating themselves to a slice of cake and a well-deserved cuppa.  

Bright and Cheery

"Where flowers bloom, so does hope"- Ladybird Johnson.  As we were doing our lovely flower arrangement today with our residents. We are so excited and filled with hope. We have remained Covid19 free and looking forward to welcoming everyone into our bright and Cheery garden at The Grange.

I will bring you flowers

I'll bring you flowers in the pouring rain! This morning the residents turned green fingered to make these beautiful arrangements for the tables. The residents had a lot of fun complimenting the colours in the vase. This will be talk of the dining room at lunch! After these we had coffee and cake with reminiscing about baking. Lively discussion ensued about the best ways to bake!

Sunshine Fun

A little sun and a little tan make our residents smile. At The Grange, We take time to enjoy the simple things in life. While the whole nation is in lockdown, staff and residents took great joy basking in the sun. To add icing to the cake. We celebrated one of our lovely residents' birthday  Lunch was served in the garden and all the residents joined in the fun with loud singing. Some of the residents indulged themselves with connect 4, colouring, crosswords, and jigsaw puzzles.

Africa Day 2020

  Today was a day like no other, staff came dressed in colourful outfits to celebrate our diversity and commemorating Africa Unity Day. It brought great memories to some of our residents who have been on Safari Holidays in Africa or served in British Overseas posts. Residents were treated to a traditional fashion show and lovely continental dishes.

VE Day 75 Years

The residents have had a fantastic street party at lunch time. We had a home wide sing a long with music and dancing and many residents joining in however they could ! They shared special memories and stories! Everyone at The Grange made it so memorable! Thank you to the wonderful person from the community who baked cupcakes to donate to the residents for the VE Day treat! We had fish, chips and mushy peas with Victoria sponge and strawberry mousse! We hope you have a good time celebrating too!

Sunshine and Laughter

Nothing like sunshine to brighten up a day. With one of our lovely residents turning 100 today, there was much joy in the home with dancing and chatting. The conversation centred around War time meals that our residents had. We are privileged to care for a generation that had so many different experiences.

Flower Box

The Grange turned into a florist yesterday as the residents had an amazing time making floral arrangements and bouquets for the conservatory. A lot of content and happy faces were seen making the flowers in lovely colours. We at The Grange love it when we can engage and focus our lovely residents whilst having lots of fun ourselves.

Cake Decorating

The resident spent a fun afternoon icing cupcakes and picking out the decorations for the top of the cakes! The weather has been beautifully warm today the residents have enjoyed the sunshine. There was some some excellent conversations about the baking they used to enjoy at home.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from our home to yours! The residents have had a wonderful day with a visit from the Easter Bunny spreading the joy of chocolate around the eggs! The residents couldn't wait to open them. It was lovely to see them chatting about the old Easter eggs they used to receive when they were younger!

Room Visits

Room Visits are a good way to build rapport with residents and to help ease worries as they are in their own room. They help alot to boost self esteem, boost low moods and most importantly limit isolation. We have a variety of activities prepared for room visits such as books, colouring, board games along with arts and crafts. 

Easter Arts

We are on the run up to Easter here the residents have been super busy creating Easter wreaths, cards, Easter table decorations! Arts n Crafts is a loved hobby here everyone has been so relaxed making these Easter goodies in the sunshine. 

Hawaiian Smoothies

Today we have had an absolute blast we have had a Hawaiian themed smoothie trolley going around to welcome the first sunshine filled day we are hoping for many more! Smoothies were packed full of fresh fruit giving out energy boosts all round the home! It was amazing to see the trolley making people smile and laugh!

Sunny Days

In the last couple of days the residents have been receiving letters from high school children to spread positive vibes the residents have loved hearing about there days. We have been playing snakes and ladders Zoe the activities coordinator has been beaten three times by residents she really needs to up her game! Today a couple of residents had a cup of tea in the sunshine hopefully over the next few days the weather will get warmer so we can all spend some time in the garden. Thank you to everyone...

Animal Watching along with Arts and Crafts

The residents have wanted to see animals so we found a zoo online with the tablets offering live cam of animal enclosures which made a lot of residents very happy! We have been getting very crafty this afternoon making vases and flowers for mothering Sunday. The flower vases look absolutely beautiful so much colour to brighten up the grey skies.

Games and Sing alongs

The residents have had a fun day playing the shopping game which is proven to help aid cognitive functions, the residents have had singalongs with staff this morning. Everyday we are providing fun and entertainment to keep the beautiful smiles on our residents faces.

St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone from our home to yours the residents are very busy today making posters and leprechaun pots to celebrate. The day is flying by with all the fun and laughter that is being had with the staff and the residents! We hope you are all having a wonderful St Patricks Day!


Flower arranging  the resident had a wonderful time arranging the flowers for the dinning room tables it helps to improve the dining experience as it gives a conversation starter for the residents to discuss. Flower arragning is theraputic also as it is a hands on task that improves cognition.

Pets Visit The Grange

Pet therapy came to The Grange  this afternoon  the residents loved interacting and cuddling the animals, The animals really help to soothe worries and anxieties it is such a good hour that the residents have. The smile on the residents faces is so great to see as for most it is a remidner of pets they had when they were younger. Pet therapy is proven to boost moods, lower isolation risks and put a smile on anybodys face staff residents and family members loved the animals and the...

Tea Trolley

Yesterday Zoe and Carol did an interactive tea trolled for the residents! We had an amazing time seeing the residents smile and engage with us about the era of our costumes it is familar to some of the residents as they could see there parents or themselves wearing similar items when they were younger. The tea trolleys are an excellent way to engage one on one with each resident as we offer a hit beverage and some biscuits. 

Flower Power

Flower arranging with The Residents this is a favourite activity of there's especially those who previously grew flowers in there homes. The colours and the scent of the flowers add a fantastic sensory and reminisce experience for all those involved. The flower arranging allows the residents to chat about memories past and there favourite flowers. Relatives always love to join in alos as they remeber their parents tending to the flowers from a very early age. 

Happy Valentines Day 2020

Description: The Grange would like to wish every one a Happy Valentines Day.The residents have had a fantastic day full of love, kindness and fun! Thank you too Beth Musical Moments and to Natalia for providing a fabulous day for our residents!


It is that time again for The Granges weekly exercise class to ensure the residents stay active. This class is loved by the residents as Natalie always makes it fun, upbeat and enjoyable. 

Bird Watch

The residents had a fabulous time joining in with the big garden bird watch. The activities team ensured the residents had a lot of fun by making replica clay birds from the birds they had seen in the garden. 

Bird Feeders

The Residents made bird feeders this morning to ensure we have plenty of birds visit our garden for our big garden bird watch on the 29th January. The residents are very excited as to which birds they are hoping to see!

Saturdays Musical Moments

Musical Moments is one of the Residents favourite! Musical Moments gets the residents moving whilst keeping it entertaining as they sing along to songs of the past! Music helps to create a relaxing atmosphere in the home and the perfect way for the residents to engage with eachother. 


The residents have had a lovely morning playing scrabble and discussing current affairs. Scrabble helps to keep the residents engaged and focused whilst creating words out of the letters they have chosen. Scrabble is a game enjoyed by all there has been smiles and laughs all round the table this morning. 

Happy New Year

The residents had a wonderful evening seeing in the new year. The residents have been discussing personal new year resolutions alot of them include love and happiness. The home was full of laughter and smiles with Residents eager to see what 2020 will bring. 

Christmas Day

Christmas Day at The Grange for our Residents and Staff we make it as fun and enjoyable for everyone as possible. Santa Claus comes in and delivers gifts to the excited Residents. The atmosphere is full of love and cheer it makes for a really special day. Every Resident has a busy and fun filled day which puts a smile on everyone's face.

Elf Day

The residents loved seeing the staff dressed up playing games in the morning. In the afternoon we had Natalia come in to sing for us the residents adored the whole afternoon. The residents had a lovely time socialising with each other and families. 

Rememberance Day

Residents and Staff rolled up their sleeves and created beautiful poppy displays for Remembrance Day. Armistice day is held every year on the 11th of November, it commemorates the signing of the armistice between the allies and Germany at 11am on the 11th of November 1918.  

Residents enjoy their Halloween Party

This year The Grange held a spooktacular Halloween party for residents, family members and friends. The home was decorated in spooky Halloween bunting and a giant spider hanging over the party. Our wonderful staff came dressed in their mysterious costumes which included the mad hatter, Skellington and a devil queen. Residents also got in the festive spirit wearing brightly coloured wigs and witches and wizards' hats. Residents favourite entertainer Terry came dressed as a life size pumpkin...

Pumpkin Carving

Staff and residents at The Grange, have been busy getting into the spirit of Halloween and preparing for a special Halloween party this coming Friday. Residents were invited to sculpt a decorative Halloween pumpkin. While residents had a lot of fun sculpting some magnificent masterpieces, using traditional shapes to make faces, two residents went the extra mile and created beautiful decorative pumpkins using power tools to generate the patterned effect when a tealight is inside. 

Rugby Weekend

After England's victory on Saturday morning residents and staff all enjoyed watching the the Wales vs South Africa game on Sunday. Roll on Saturday where England take on south Africa in the Rugby World Cup final 2019.

Superhero Takeover!!

Residents at The Grange enjoyed a superhero themed interactive tea trolley as part of comic book week. Superhero themed Music played as batman and Deadpool went around filling the home with laughter and fun. Freshly baked chocolate and cherry cake was the perfect pairing for our superheroes to offer along with hot tea and Coffees.

Good' in all areas

The team at The Grange was delighted to achieve an impressive CQC report that rated the home as 'Good' in all areas, demonstrating that the home is providing high standards of care for Residents and is Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsible and Well-Led.

Baking Crazy

A group of enthusiastic bakers gathered ready to embrace their inner chefs and enjoy an afternoon of cooking. Armed with a table full of fresh ingredients and plenty of aprons, the residents grabbed their wooden spoons and got stuck into making the cake and cupcake mix, before handing them over to Chef to bake.